Our Manifest

When we started sharing the idea of Carrytales among friends in the babywearing community, the main question we got was why a new platform instead of the methods people already use to find/sell/buy/rent and explore. It really all started with myself wanting to find a babywearing consultant locally and buy my first woven wrap - and almost giving up in the process.


Since launching our first version of Carrytales, we have heard the question again so we wanted to take a little time to explain our thoughts and dreams for a space for everything babywearing - with room for everyone from everywhere. 


First and absolutely most important, we believe that babywearing should be accessible to everyone and it should be easy and safe to be a welcomed new member of the babywearing community. It should be easy to find an amazing babywearing consultant close to you, to try different carriers from a sling library to find what is right for you and eventually to buy a preloved item to start or continue your own babywearing journey. Through the process it should be safe to pay, review and trade and you should not have to be part of a specific network to start your love for babywearing. 


Second, we believe that the ecosystem of babywearing should be supported so it is easy for babywearing consultants, sling libraries, weavers, converters, buyers and sellers to find each other. This makes the market and the industry stronger which benefits everyone and increases awareness of babywearing. We often hear in Facebook groups that ‘the market is bad’ or ‘how can I promote myself as a consultant’ and we don’t believe that the market is dead or that no one is looking for a consultant - we believe it’s too hard to find and connect the people who are looking for something with the people offering it. With Carrytales we want to create that platform and spread the love for babywearing even further. 


Third and last, we both come from a background in the sharing economy and wraps and carriers are the perfect example of things that are created to be loved by more than one. And we want to make sure they can be found by the person looking for them no matter the time zone and without an algorithm controlling what you see. We also want to create the possibility to sell everything babywearing - even if you are selling a woven wrap with hemp. Babywearing is really for everyone and with Carrytales we want to create the best place to support this. 


Want to help us? Create a profile, share Carrytales, write us feedback (info@carrytales.com) and invite your favorite babywearing people ❤️

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