Frequently asked questions about Carrytales

How do I create a listing?

Simply click the 'post a new listing'-button at the top right of any page on Carrytales. Or click here. Next, you will be presented with a number of categories to pick from - is it a wrap, ringsling or something third? Then pick a listing type - you have the option to sell, rent or make a listing for something you're (desperately) in search of :) Then set your price, fill in the details and remember to give it a wrapalicious description! And don't forget to share your new listing on social media or elsewhere you may find potential buyers.

How can I pay?

You can pay through Paypal - either thorugh your Paypal account or by entering your credit card details. You will be presented with the two options in the flow, after you've clicked the 'buy' button. If any questions, don't heaitate to contact us on!

How do I receive payment?

The amount will be transferred to your bank account of choice, or your paypal account if that's what you prefer. When you make a profile on Carrytales, we will ask you which payout options you prefer. You can change it at any time. Simply click the lovely little picture of yourself in the top of any page > settings > payments, and edit away.

How do reviews work?

When you buy and when you sell, you will be prompted to leave a review for the other party. The review will be public. You are asked to write a few words, and mark whether you experience has been positive or negative. You find the reviews of others by clicking their profile picture. To find the reviews you have received, click the picture of you at the top > profile, and see the reviews you've received at the bottom.

ISO - how does it work?

We've all been there - you're looking for the wrap that got away. Fear no more, help is on the way! Boost your chances of finding what you are looking for by making an ISO-listing. Simply click 'Post a new listing' and make a listing like you would when selling something, but choose the 'In search Of' listing type. If you want to see what others are looking for, simply filter by clicking the grey box top left, where it says 'all listing types'.

How do I create a user?

Given you've made it this far, you've already found our website. Welcome :) If you haven't yet created a user, simply go here to start the process. You can use an email, or your Google of Facebook account to log in, whichever you prefer. Then you're only a few steps away from finding your preloved babycarrier, or pqassing along your own stuff, and add another chapter in their life.

How do I contact you, if I have a question? - don't be a stranger! Or use the chat function at the bottom of the page - look for the purple box.

What can and can't I sell on Carrytales?

As long as it has to do with carrying a baby, the world is your oister! Take it away :)

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