Fidella Fly Tai baby carrier - Chevron Mustard

Fidella Fly Tai Bæresele - Chevron Mustard
Fidella Fly Tai Bæresele - Chevron Mustard
Fidella Fly Tai Bæresele - Chevron Mustard
Fidella Fly Tai Bæresele - Chevron Mustard
Fidella Fly Tai Bæresele - Chevron Mustard

Fidella Fly Tai baby carrier - Chevron Mustard

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Fly Tai - The modern wrap

Fidella's Fly Tai is a perfect combination between a woven wrap and a baby carrier when you don't want any buckles. Best described as a wrap with built-in modern comfort. Shaped like a baby carrier - with wrap straps instead of buckles. Comfortable for the wearer with padding in the waist belt and the upper part of the shoulder straps. The child sits ergonomically in the pre-made seat, so the hard part is done. You can quickly and easily tie the belt around your waist and the wrap-around straps around your child. With the Fly Tai you are quickly on the move with full closeness and good ergonomics for your child.

Fly Tai is available in 2 sizes, baby and toddler. It supports both small and large well. Fly Tai is available in a range of beautiful designs - and is sewn in the softest wrap fabric. Made from organic cotton. Naturally.

What is a Fly Tai anyway?

Fly Tai from German Fidella is a wrap tai. And what is it? Basically, a wrap tai is a panel with 4 long straps. This means that there is a belt piece that ties around the waist of the wearer, a sewn seat and back piece in which you place the child, and two long shoulder straps that easily tie.

On Fidella's Fly Tai, there is padding in the waist belt and in the top of the shoulder straps. However, there is also the option to widen the fabric over the shoulder for better weight distribution. Now that's smart.

It's super easy to adjust to the growing child and can be used in three great and ergonomic positions: front-to-front, on the hip and on the back. In addition, it is ultra comfortable to wear. You easily ensure great comfort for both baby and wearer.

With a Fidella Fly Tai, you get a carrier that is super easy and quick, and where the seat is made in advance. But at the same time, you also get the absolutely close feeling that you can otherwise only achieve with a wrap.

You get all the goodness of both the carrier and the wrap.

Fidella Fly Tai - How to tie it?

It's actually super easy to take a Fidella Fly Tai on and off - whether you want to carry your baby on your front or on your back. (As a general rule, however, on the back at the earliest when baby has good head control)

Watch the video here to see how to put it on from the front:

And here how to put it on, on your back:

If you prefer the snap buckle in the waist belt, we recommend Fidella FlyClick, which is the same baby carrier as the Fly Tai, but with a snap buckle in the waist belt.

Fidella Fly Tai sizes

The FlyTai is available in 2 sizes: baby and toddler. See specifications for each below:

Both FlyTai's can be adjusted in width - how much depends on the size. This means that it can grow with your child, so you also have a carrier in the optimal size for a really long time. Note that the toddler costs more than the baby size.


  • Can be used from newborn
  • Until baby is about 15 kg or 80 cm long


  • Recommended from baby is about 5 months (at least 80 cm)
  • Up to 30 kg or 104 cm long


  • The waist belt can be adjusted from 57 - 190 cm.
  • Shoulder straps measure 200 cm each.
  • Adjustable in width - how much depends on size.

Fidella's own size guide and comparison can be seen here

Fidella Fly Tai, why you should buy it!

We can think of (at least!) 3 good reasons:

  1. When you actually want to wrap, to achieve that really close closeness with your baby. But think there's too much fabric to keep track of with a regular wrap - then the Fly Tai is the perfect solution.
  2. If you find it difficult to make a proper seat when tying a regular wrap on your back, the Fly Tai is also an obvious choice. It's equipped with a seat from the start. So you don't even have to worry about the seat popping!
  3. For you who just NEED a beautiful Fly Tai - Well then you should choose a Fly Tai :)

The most beautiful designs

The Fly Tai is made in a wide range of beautiful colours and patterns. The hardest part will be deciding which patterns you can't live without! Common to them all is the softest wrap fabric. It's seriously soft. And many of the styles are 100% organic cotton - some are in other blends, with wool and silk, for example. See the exact composition in the product details for the Fly Tai you've fallen in love with here:

Woven wrap fabric in 59% organic cotton/37% viscose/4% silk: Leopard Gold, Leopard Silver

Fill fabric in 100% organic cotton: Chevron Denim Blue, Chevron Light Grey, Mosaic Mocha Brown, Dancing Leaves Black/White, Iced Butterfly Light Blue, Kaleidoscope Turquoise Plum, Reock n Rolla Pink Splash, Chevron Agave Green, Chevron Walnut, Saint Tropez Black, Iced Butterfly Rose, Persian Paisley Antracite, Wolf Royal Blue, Wolf Anthracite

Many of the beautiful designs stay at the calm and natural end of the colour scale. But preferably with beautiful prints and weaves in the fabric. There's certainly plenty of inspiration drawn from nature. And then of course a little bit for #teamleo!

The flexible solution for the whole family

The great thing about a wrap tai is that, unlike a baby carrier, it doesn't require a lot of adjustments when different family members need to use it. Tie the carrier belt, baby in, tie the shoulder straps and you're good to go. Whether it's dad, grandma, aunt or teenager, it's a perfect fit. Have a good trip!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mujan A.

Fidella Fly Tai Bæresele - Chevron Denim Blue

Felicia J.

Den är helt underbar och så sjukt skön! Ångrar att jag inte köpt den tidigare för jag verkligen älskar den.

Zulfiya D.
Soft and beautiful fly tai

I had a chance to try this great Fidella Fly Tai baby size. First of all, the fabric was so so soft and the padding on the shoulder straps was like clouds. I could spread the fabric on my shoulders or leave it as it is, it’s a great plus. It was easy to adjust the carrier (width and height) according to the included instructions. All in all, a great and soft carrier, but it doesn’t fit our needs as I use carriers to go for walks, and if my baby wants to go back to the pram, it’s just too messy with long straps. I was worried to make them dirty.

Nana T.
Super blød

Jeg har haft lånt denne fly tai en uge for at teste den. Jeg bruger normalt bæresele og ringslynge. Jeg synes det krævede lidt tilvænning at styre de lange haler. 🙈 Man skal også lige lære at få strammet den nok fra starten.
Ellers syntes jeg den var super blød og behagelig at bruge. Der medfulgte også sovestøv - så min datter godkendte. 🥰

Caroline O.
Skøn vikle

Jeg er så glad for den og jeg bruger den dagligt til min 12,5 kg "baby" 😊

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