Coracor Stretchy Wrap - Leo Off-White

Coracor Strækvikle - Leo Off-White
Coracor Strækvikle - Leo Off-White
Coracor Strækvikle - Leo Off-White
Coracor Strækvikle - Leo Off-White
Coracor Strækvikle - Leo Off-White
Coracor Strækvikle - Leo Off-White

Coracor Stretchy Wrap - Leo Off-White

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Coracor stretchy wrap - A world of beautiful patterns

Up close and maybe with an ear to your heartbeat. The wrap is an invaluable tool for many new mothers and fathers, providing contact, closeness and reassurance. Plus, it's really handy to have your hands free. We think most parents would agree!

The brightly coloured 2-way stretchy wraps from Sweden's Coracor meet both emotional and practical needs - and they do it in style. Sustainably produced in organic cotton. Colours, dots, sprinkles, leopard spots, tie-dye and patterns are both playful and a feast for the aesthetician's eye. Beautiful and practical at the same time!

Be aware that some patterns are limited editions - so be quick on the draw if you've fallen in love with a special pattern.

Coracor stretchy wrap is sustainable design

The Coracor wrap is designed in Sweden and manufactured in Turkey. Anna, the woman behind Coracor, combines her beautiful designs with sustainable production in the finest way. The wraps are made of soft and organic GOTS-certified cotton and 9% elastane, making it easy to work with and super comfortable to use. The elasticity gives an extra helping hand.

The material has received recommendations from both summer and winter babies. In summer, both you and baby can get rid of some of the excess heat and the skin can breathe. In winter, it keeps you both comfortably warm.

The Coracor stretchy wrap is 480 cm long. Washable in the washing machine at 40 degrees. Avoid tumble drying.

Coracor stretchy wrap is imaginative prints

Bright dots on a mustard yellow background. Light sprinkles on a deep dark blue night sky. Geometric origami in delicate green and blue tones. Leopard print in imaginative combinations.

Rarely have we seen such fantastic prints, and certainly not on stretchy wraps, which often stick to the monochrome universe. But not at Coracor!

Whatever your taste, we would almost say that you can find a design at Coracor that you think is absolutely beautiful.

And common to them all: They provide an excellent counterpoint to baby spit!

Coracor also designs doll wraps for your child's teddy bears and dolls. The same beautiful textile - just in a much smaller size. Your child will love matching the wrap with mom and dad, while taking good care of the teddy. We also have the doll wraps in the shop, link to the matching doll wraps at the bottom of the page.

The different types of stretchy wrap

There are two types of stretchy wrap - those with one-way stretch and those with two-way stretch. Coracor makes stretchy wraps with a two-way stretch, which means that there is stretch in both the length and width direction.

There are many good things to say about both types of stretchy wrap, and it is typically a matter of taste which you like best.

Here are a few advantages of two-way stretch:

  • Is good for the beginner, it doesn't require as much practice
  • It can be tied in advance (so just tie it before the trip to the supermarket) and can be tied tightly
  • It is easy to put the baby in the wrap
  • The stretch in both directions makes it easy for both baby and carrier to get comfortable

When can you use a stretchy wrap?

Coracor's stretchy wrap can officially be used from birth until approximately 9-12 kg, or around 3 months of age. However, the stretch in the wrap means that it is only comfortable for you until baby weighs 10 kg. Often it's also around this point that you feel you need a bit more support for carrying, and are ready to 'upgrade' to a woven wrap or carrier for the comfort of both baby and carrier. Remember, a stretchy wrap should only be used to carry your baby on your front.

Why should I carry my newborn in a wrap?

A stretchy wrap is a great carrier for your small newborn size, and for the new mum or dad.

That's because:

  • It's easy to tie (once you've done it a few times)
  • It's nice and soft
  • It can be tied before you put the baby in
  • You can take baby in and out of the wrap once it's tied

Did you also know that babies who are carried for about 3 hours a day cry on average 43% less? That might be worth taking into account.

And in the first month of baby's life, it's especially beneficial if you wear skin-to-skin, so off with the T-shirt, mum and dad! In so many ways, it's just SO good for everyone.

It actually has positive effects that can be traced right into adulthood!

How to tie your wrap

It can seem a little overwhelming to tie your stretchy wrap when you first stand with the many yards of fabric in your hand. How do you do it?!? Where do I start?

But don't worry - it's not as difficult as it looks. And once you've learned, it's a gift for both you and your baby!

Before you pick up your baby, you'll need to tie your wrap.

Here's a video guide showing a method for tying your wrap that we're pretty fond of:

Once you've tied the wrap, you need to have baby placed in the wrap. And we certainly have a video to show you how:

And voila, you're ready to carry your baby!

The wrap is bothering you - get help!

Think it's not quite as easy as it looks?

Then we recommend you seek out a sling coach near where you live. There is so much good help to be found. All over the country!

Or email us at - we're always on hand to help at a distance if you're not sure which stretchy wrap is right for you. We're happy to share our experience and knowledge. If you have the opportunity to drop by our showroom in Lyngby, you are more than welcome to make an appointment. Arrange a personal consultation on our mail and Aja, who is a trained babywearing consultant, is ready to help you.

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa M.

Coracor Strækvikle - Leo Toffee

Mathilde R.
Fantastisk service!

Jeg fortrød farvevalget og sendte en mail ind til carrytales - de sendte istedet en i ønsket farve 😍 dejligt ukompliceret og nemt for mig som forbruger. Viklen er helt fantastisk og fyldt med sovestøv. Både mig og min lille pige elsker den

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