Folding dictionary

On this page, you can find explanations of terms and abbreviations that can be difficult to understand.

Carrying equipment

EN: Stretch wrapFV
: Fixed wrapRS
: Ring wrapMT
: Mei TaiVT
: Fold TaiTT
: Thistle TaiONBU
: OnbuhimoKS
: Small wrap

Condition of the reel (for purchase, sale and exchange)

New: Never usedBN
: Brand newEUC
: Excellent used conditionGUC
: Good used condition


FWCC: Front wrap cross carryFCC
: Front cross carryBWCC
: Back wrap cross carrySHBC
: Secure high back carryDH
: Double hammock


Blend: The composition of materials used for the wrap. e.g. 50% cotton, 50% wool.

Gms: term for the thickness and strength of the fabric. High Gms is a thick and strong wrap, Low Gms is a thinner wrap.

Pulls: loose threads in the wrap. If pulls are not fixed, more may appear over time and the wrap will become less durable.