Moby stretch wrap

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A Moby stretch wrap is the ideal stretch wrap for the tiny newborn baby. In a Moby stretch wrap, you achieve optimal closeness with your baby. There are many benefits to carrying your baby: you get a strong attachment, your baby cries less, babywearing helps breastfeeding along - we could go on!

In addition to the health benefits above, there is of course a more practical advantage: you have your hands free to do the little things at home while baby is safe and snug with you.

Moby makes several different stretch wrappers in different materials. So you can choose just the one that suits you and your baby. If it's winter and you want the wrap to be warm, you can choose a pure cotton wrap. However, if it's summer or your baby is warm, a bamboo wrap may be more suitable, as it is cooler than a pure cotton wrap.

Moby stretch wraps are suitable for both beginners and experienced wrappers.