Here you can get inspiration for groups and influencers that might be worth following if you want to know more about winding, if you want to buy or sell or if you just want to geek out and get a lot of inspiration! There are links to their pages so you can quickly and easily check them out!

In addition to those below, there are a ton of Facebook and Instagram profiles where people share their joy of wrapping and carrying their children.

The Sling Gallery

The Sling Gallery Facebook

First of all, we recommend joining the Sling Gallery, which is a Facebook group where anyone interested in winding can share and knowledge and experiences.

As subgroups to Slyngegalleriet there are local groups, for example Slyngefolket KBH etc. It is often in these local groups that grams are organized. By being a member of a local group, you can find grams and get a network in your local area.

Slyngefolket KBH
Slyngefolket Nordsjælland
Slyngefolket Nordjylland
Slyngefolket Ballerup, Herlev, Smørum plus surroundings
Slyngefolket Funen
Slyngefolket Århus

Above are the ones we could just find, but search on facebook if you want to look for a group in your area.

Sling buy, sell and swap

As another offshoot of the Sling Gallery, there is a facebook page for buying, trading and selling slings, reels and ergonomic carrying tools.

Sling Sale Facebook

The Sling School also has a buy, sell and swap Facebook page.

The Sling School Second Hand

Viklemor has two buy, sell and swap Facebook pages. One for carrying tools under 1000 kr and one for over 1000 kr.

Viklemor BST under 1000kr
Viklemor BST over 1000kr


Have you bought a new carrying case? Register it on Wraptrack and follow it from home to home ❤️

Wraptrack website

The Sling School

On the Slinggeergo website you can read about slings, baby carriers, safety and much more. You can also book both online and and irl winding lessons.

The Sling School website

Wrap you in love

Wrap you in love is an influencer from the Netherlands who wraps/has wrapped her four children. She has made a lot of great tutorials which can be found on the website, facebook, instagram and youtube.

Wrapyouinlove website
Wrapyouinlove facebook
Wrapyouinlove Instagram
Wrapyouinlove youtube


Slyngejordemoder is a Danish influencer who is a sling coach and midwife. She has made a lot of nice tutorials, where you can see how to tie a stretch wrap and how to breastfeed in the wrap. You can find the videos on her Instagram.

Sling midwife website
Sling midwife Instagram

Fold Kimie

Viklekimie is a Danish sling supervisor who offers both group and individual babywearing guidance.

Vikle Kimie website
Vikle Kimie facebook
Vikle Kimie Instagram


Viklenørd is a carrying guide and blogger. At Viklenørd you can rent carrying equipment to try out materials and sizes.

Viklenørd website
Viklenørd Instagram


_slint_it_ is an Instagram profile where you can see various tutorials. Among other things, how to breastfeed in a wrap.

_sling_it_ Instagram


Slyngeergo is an occupational therapist and babywearing coach offering tips and tricks for ergonomic babywearing.

Slyngeergo Instagram