Hana Baby Stretch Wrap

Hana Baby was founded by a mother who needed the perfect stretch wrap for her daughter Hannah. Daughter Hannah, like many little babies, wanted to be close to her mum all the time! The wrap was the answer that made everyday life easier and allowed mother and daughter to thrive. The mother could continue her daily routine and get around, while the daughter slept safely in the wrap.

As the weather got warmer, the cotton wrap simply became too hot, and so Hana Baby was founded. Hana Baby fitted swaddles are made with bamboo, which makes the swaddle very light in weight and cool. While Hana Baby wanted to make a cool fitted wrap, it was important that it was made with materials that were safe for mother, baby and the environment.

Bamboo does not only have a cooling effect, as bamboo is temperature regulating. This means that the material cools on hot days, but retains heat when the weather is colder. At the same time, bamboo is gentle on the environment, as it grows so quickly that it needs neither fertilisers nor pesticides.