Cookie Policy

1.1 Carrytales uses cookies, respectively third party cookies.

1.2 A cookie is a text file that allows information to be stored, or data already stored to be accessed, on your computer, tablet, smartphone, terminal device and the like in order to collect data about you. The data collected from cookies is used to analyse your behaviour on the website and to provide you with the optimal experience. Cookies are also used for marketing purposes.

1.3 Carrytales collects necessary cookies, preference cookies, operational and optimization cookies as well as targeted advertising cookies.

1.3.1 Necessary cookies are required for certain functions of the website to work.

1.3.2 Preference cookies are collected to support settings that you have made, such as login settings.

1.3.3 Operational and optimisation cookies are collected for the purpose of adding customer feedback and for web analytics, which analytics include your behaviour, searches on the website and the like. This is for the purpose of optimising the website.

1.3.4 Targeted advertising cookies are used to track your browsing habits and online activities. The information is used to display tailored content to the individual visitor.

1.4 Carrytales collects data from third party cookies. As third party cookies, Carrytales uses Google Analytics, Tawk, Hotjar, Sumo and Facebook pixels. Carrytales has set up Google Analytics to collect the information anonymously, therefore Carrytales does not process personal data in this regard.

Carrytales uses the chat function from Tawk. In this context, Carrytales collects data from Tawk as a third-party cookie.

Carrytales uses Hotjar to create heatmaps with the aim of improving the user-friendliness of the webshop. Carrytales collects data from Hotjar as a third-party cookie.

The Facebook pixel is an analysis tool that can measure the effectiveness of advertising based on the actions you have taken on our website. The Facebook pixel is used to ensure that ads on Facebook are shown to the right people and to build ad groups. Carrytales uses the Facebook pixel for the purpose of targeting marketing on Facebook. You can read more about the Facebook pixel via this link

1.5 Carrytales collects personal data in cookies, including your IP address and internet behaviour. Carrytales refers to our privacy policy regarding the collection and processing of personal data, which you can find here.

1.6 If a link is provided from Carrytales to a third party website, the third party website may also collect cookies. Carrytales encourages you to inform yourself about the third party's cookie policy and personal data policy.

1.7 You may delete cookies if you no longer wish to store them on your computer, tablet or other similar device. For further guidance, please refer to your browser's guide or to the below:

The guides above are links directly to the web browser manufacturer. If the instructions contain incorrect information or are not up to date, Carrytales accepts no liability.