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Sling rings in all colours of the rainbow

Sling rings, like wraps, come in all colours of the rainbow.

At Carrytales, you can choose just the colour sling ring you want.

A sling ring can be used as a finish on a woven wrap instead of a knot. This can be an advantage if you want to sit on the sofa with your baby in a wrap and the knot is on your back and bothers you. With the sling ring, you can make a finish which doesn't take up as much space as a knot, so you can sit back in the sofa without worrying.

The sling rings are also essential if you want to sew your own ring sling or sling cot.

The size you need depends on:

  1. What you want to use the sling ring for
  2. How thick your wrap is

Size L is recommended when sewing a ring sling and if you have a thick wrap.

Size M is often fine for most woven wrap endings.

If you have a really thick wrap, you can use size XL.

If you are using the ring for a sling swing, I recommend the one that fits the swing. If in doubt, choose a size L.

Size S is if you want to sew a doll sling, where the wrap is not that wide (or for other projects where you need a small ring).

1 product
Slyngeringe (flere farver)#
Slyngeringe (flere farver)#
Sling rings (several colours)
35,00 kr
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